Calliaqua honours outstanding residents
July 27, 2007
Calliaqua honours outstanding residents

Political rivalry took a back seat on Friday, July 13th, when the parliamentary representative for East St George Clayton Burgin presented a plaque of honour to his political foe Dr Linton Lewis, as 59 persons were honoured for their contribution to the Calliaqua community.{{more}}

The project was the brainchild of Andy Lavia, a Calliaqua native now residing in Canada, who saw it fit to give recognition to outstanding persons from Calliaqua while they are yet alive.

“I was honoured, it felt real good, because people sometimes wait until you are dead to appreciate you,’ said legendary netballer Cecelia “Ringie” Richards, who represented St Vincent and the Grenadines in netball from 1986 to 1998.

She also captained the West Indies netball team from 1990-1991.

From the fields of administration, education, fishing, basketball, cricket, music and football, most of the recipients were on hand for what was a simple, but clearly moving ceremony.

The honorees for administration were Bert Francois, Colville Richards and Richard Cato. Leading the list of honoured basket-ballers were national players Ishama Harry, Lezo Mc Kenzie and Randolph “Sticky” Williams. Others in that category were Lawrence Joseph, Spencer Danzine, Justin Haynes, Damien Ottley, former national coach Kelly Lucas and Andy Lavia (photo below).

Chef Irwin Mc Intosh, was also honoured, while Oswald Nanton was recognized for his contribution to both cricket and football.

Island Scholar Stewart Haynes was hailed for his educational achievements and his cousin Rondy “Luta’ Mc Intosh headlined those recognized in the field of music. Others in that category are Ossie Gurley, Eardley Bennett and Shaunelle Mc Kenzie.

Former fisherman of the year Glenroy Payne who perished at sea last year was one of three fishermen honoured. The others were Arthur Oliver and Fitz Sardie Harry.

Tennis, track and print each had one honoree: Corey Huggins, Sidney Jones, and Michael Olliverre respectively.

Steel pan was represented on the list by Patrick Baptiste and Johnny Pompey.

Netball was well represented by the aforementioned Cecelia Richards, as well as Patricia Robinson, Genita Lewis, Michelle Guy, Kalene Thompson and Rosemary Combs.

Cricket had 11 honorees: Fitzroy Caesar, Vince Dougan, Kens Dougan, Basil Dougan, Nicholas Dougan, Reynold Dougan, Alex King, Paddy Thomas, Mc Neil Morgan, Sylvanus Morgan and Deverell James.

The largest group of honorees was from the field of football: Renson Haynes, Dick Haynes, Calvert Richards, Roger Gurley, Garfield Haynes, Leon Simon, Derwin Ross, Keith James, Lyndon Seales, Lawrence Frank, Maxwell Benneth, Terrence Harry and Felix Charles.

Along with Linton Lewis, Gosnel Cupid was honoured as an all rounder – a person who excelled in several areas.

The reception was held at the St Paul’s Parish Hall in Calliaqua. (KJ)