Art graduates show at College
July 20, 2007
Art graduates show at College

When engrained in young people, the negative mindset that one cannot earn a living from the creative arts, is according to art teacher at the St Vincent Community College, Vonnie Roudette, “crippling.”{{more}}

Roudette, who was speaking at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Art and Design Graduates of 2006 Art Exhibition, which was also held in collaboration with the Contemporary Young Artists Movement (CYAM), pointed out that with emerging careers in the arts, the artists can earn a viable livelihood.

At the cocktail event which was held at Basils in Villa, Roudette praised the works on display from Maxanne Rock, Brent Williams, Anizo Lewis and Colin Layne (who had one of his pieces retained by Cambridge University for teaching purposes).

Roudette said that the majority of the society “seemed confused about what really was art”, mistaking it for what she described as “surface entertainment” instead of “truthful expression that bonds us together”.

She emphasized that creativity can be a source for social transformation and that music accompanied by the visual arts is now a means of creating awareness on humanitarian issues worldwide.

The art teacher pointed out that the four young men, whose grades included a distinction and three Bs, all stated that learning art was also the chance for self discovery. Roudette stressed that policy makers must be convinced that art studies can be helpful to the mental, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of the youth which would in turn help rebuild communities and social networks.

She said that already there have been 30 graduates in Art and Design since 2003 and three are studying in areas such as Graphic Design, Environmental Design and Fashion. Roudette announced that Maxanne Rock would be off to Cuba to study art but she however expressed a strong desire to have more scholarships for other students.

Roudette expressed gratitude to the various supporters and sponsors off the CYAM and reminded the public that the group has a radio programme on Total FM from 2:15 p.m. every Saturday. (SG)