June 29, 2007
New Planning conditions for street bars, vendors

Although there has been an ease in some of the rules for street bar operators and vendors for this year’s carnival festivities, these persons have been urged to stick to the guidelines that have been put in place for them.{{more}}

Where construction of bars and shops on the street of Kingstown were previously allowed a day before carnival began, bar owners have been given two extra days to begin construction.

But the structures must be taken down by Thursday, July 12.

These bars will now be allowed to play amplified music later than previous times; going up to 1 a.m. from Friday, June 29 to July 5, and unrestricted from July 6 to July10, except on Sunday, July 8, when there will be no amplified music from 5 a.m. to 12 noon.

The increase of trailers equipped for the sale of food and drinks have caused the Physical Planning and Development Board to make more room in Kingstown.

Extra spaces were allocated between the bus stop and Chinese restaurant on Upper Bay Street, to complement the three other spots at Heritage Square.

Heritage Square, considered the hub of street party activities in Kingstown, will be the home of one of the three street bars where amplified music is allowed. The other two bars will be situated between McCoy Street and HIgginson Street opposite Randy’s Supermarket .

Ice box vendors were not left out, they will be allowed to operate directly in front of Randy’s Supermarket on Lower Bay Street, and on Upper Bay Street, they will sell between Egmont Street and Heritage square, directly in front of the port fence and in front of the customs warehouse building.

The Planning and Development Board has warned vendors and operators that failing to comply with these guidelines may result in the closure of their business, and goods may be seized. (JJ)