June 22, 2007
ACCP gets scholarship fund

Motorola Inc. and the Motorola Foundation has donated US$20,000 to the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) to create the ACCP/Motorola Scholarship Fund.

The announcement was made at the Association of Caribbean Commissioners Annual Banquet, part of the ACCP’s General Meeting and Conference held earlier this month in Nassau, Bahamas.{{more}}

The ACCP/Motorola Scholarship Program will provide the necessary resources for children of Police Officers to continue their college or university studies. To recruit students who can provide key resources to the success of policing and its critical needs for the future.

ACCP’s President, Commissioner Paul Farquharson of the Bahamas said the fund will help their young people achieve success and become protective members of society. According to Farquharson, the program will target students who wish to continue their education at a certified college or university either within the Caribbean region or colleges or universities that are associated with the member countries in the Caribbean like the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States.

Children of current police officers who experience financial hardship due to the death of a parent, inability of the parent to provide necessary funding for the child’s academic pursuits or other hardship will be able to use the money to continue their education in Engineering, Communications and Marketing, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Human Resource Management, Criminology or Forensic Science. “These disciplines are essential to the well functioning of the day-to-day operations of Police organizations and in which there is a need to continue training more professionals,” he added.