June 15, 2007
Josan tied for 6th place overall

The St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School has once again proved that they are not to be taken likely when it comes to academics.

This year, 12-year-old Josan Browne of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School captured the sixth position and fourth place for girls with an average of 93.49%.{{more}}

“I am feeling happy and satisfied with myself. I was working very hard and would ignore my mother when she told me to go to bed,” the well-rounded Josan told SEARCHLIGHT.

Josan, who lives in Barrouallie with her mother Sandra Browne, is an aspiring Pediatrician or Accountant.

She intends to attend the Girls’ High School and expressed thanks to her teachers and her mother who she said assisted her with her studies at home.

Josan Browne obtained 98.33% in English, 88.33% in Mathematics, 93.33% in General Paper. (SB)