Daughter: Mom tried to get a fresh start
June 1, 2007
Daughter: Mom tried to get a fresh start

One of the women who was found dead in a Largo Height house last Wednesday, May 30 was desperately trying to escape a tumultuous relationship with a man.{{more}}

Mother of four, Aretha “Silly” Cain, 30, originally of Walvaroo but residing in Edinboro, was staying with her employer Suzette Brooke as she tried to get a fresh start, her daughter Tianna told SEARCHLIGHT.

Battling to keep her composure after learning of her mother’s brutal slaying, Tianna told SEARCHLIGHT that her mother was having problems in the relationship and had been trying for sometime to cut ties with a particular man.

Police found Aretha and Suzette in the latter’s rented house at Largo Heights, their bodies bearing chop wounds to their faces. Police said that they believe that the women had been dead for at least a day.

Tianna said that she last spoke to her mother on Saturday and had been calling her since Tuesday without success. Aretha had been working with Suzette for close to a year.

Meanwhile, Jamar Morgan, 21, stepson of Suzette Brooke said that he is still trying to come to terms with his step mother’s death.

The security guard told SEARCHLIGHT that while Suzette and his father were no longer together, he still enjoyed a great relationship with her.

“She and I remained very close even though she and my father are not together, I just can’t believe this has happened to her,” said Morgan, who last spoke to his stepmother two weeks ago.