Searchlight story touches good samaritan
May 25, 2007
Searchlight story touches good samaritan

WERE IT NOT for God’s grace, Verna Shallow could have been living life in abject poverty. She was therefore moved when she read the lead story in SEARCHLIGHT’s December 22, 2006 issue entitled “Santa’s Route.”

The story highlighted the plight of 41-year-old Mavis Edwards of Lowman’s Leeward and her eight children who were not enjoying the best of life – facing yet another bleak holiday season.{{more}}

“Tears filled my eyes when I read that article,” said Shallow, originally from Penniston.

Together with a few friends, Shallow packed a barrel of food and other necessities and shipped it to Mavis, who was happy to receive the gift of love last Monday.

The barrel was handed over to an appreciative Mavis by Bertram Pitt of SEARCHLIGHT. The newspaper, as part of their commitment to assisting the less fortunate wherever possible, took care of the local expenses associated with clearing the barrel.

After she initially shying away from an interview, Shallow finally decided to speak to SEARCHLIGHT and explained that she feels that every one should do what they could to help people in need.

A single mother of four, Shallow said that she was grateful that she got an opportunity to move to the United States 19 years ago, giving her an opportunity to make a better life for herself.

She also encourages the media to continue to highlight special cases so that people can see the reality of what others are facing and lend a helping hand. (KJ)