Miss SVG Contestants: In their own words
May 18, 2007
Miss SVG Contestants: In their own words

The Miss SVG Pageant is just two weeks away and Searchlight got close and personal with the eight contestants during an interview at Young Island Resort last Saturday.

Here’s a bit of what each contestant had to say in their own words.{{more}}

Tessica Cupid – Miss Bailey’s Irish Cream/Coreas Trading
23-years old of Park Hill

“I am a very shy person so I am doing this to take on life from a different angle. When certain things come up I would just stay back, but I am proud of myself for being a contestant. If I should take the crown I would help young people boost their self worth to push them forward.”

Nikita Emmons – Miss Aquatic Club
20 years old of Cane Garden

“I’m not the type of person who likes to go out and argue in front of large crowds so I think I would be better behind the desk helping businesses. My friends and family told me that I have the potential to accomplish great things in life so that is why I am entering this pageant.”

Lekeysha Glynn – Miss Millennium Bank
23 years old of Kingstown Park

“Pageants are not just about beauty, they are also about intelligence and what you believe in. My passion is to open a dance studio for young people to channel their energies into something positive. I also want to be the first female commander of the SVG coastguard.”

Devon Greene -NLA Lotto
19 years old of Buccament Bay

“As we know, in our society there have been a lot of teenage pregnancies so I want to do something to eliminate that. I’m worried about the way young women allow themselves to be disrespected by men. If young women can respect themselves and their bodies enough there would be less teenage mothers.”

Nasheka Hoyte-NLA 3D
20 years old of Campden Park

“I love soul music because it’s touching. It relates to rhythm and blues and even gospel so I would love to be an artiste that touches people’s lives despite the difficult periods they sometimes go through.”

Nelicia Thomas – Miss b Mobile
22-years of Mayreau

“I know some people go away and they are ashamed to say where they are from but I would do everything in my power to promote my island. I intend to open a five star hotel because the main source of income is fishing and tourism so I want to give back something to my people.”

Shanique Peters -Mustique Company
20-years of Bequia

“Seeing my mother struggle to raise us two girls, gives me a drive to be just like her. Strong and with a mind that you can overcome challenges. She also made us understand that you can be yourself and succeed in life. It’s a good feeling to have children and people in your own age group look up to you.”

Melissa Yorke Murray’s Village – Miss Demure by J
23-years of Murray’s Village

“My family, especially my mom and my friends thought that there was something a bit off with me because I took time off from the state university of New York at Plattsburg to be in this pageant. But entering the Miss SVG pageant has always been my a dream, I want to be the best ambassador for my country.”