May 18, 2007
Fair Trade Farmers meet in 7th General Assembly

The 7th General Assembly of Fair Trade producers held last week here in St. Vincent under the theme “Sustainable food production through education for certification and a healthy environment”, has called on all stakeholders to work towards consolidating the fair-trade initiative here.{{more}}

The General Assembly, which took place at the Langley Park Reception Station on the 9th May, 2007, was attended by over 288 registered fair-trade farmers and called on farmers to do all that is required to meet the environmental and social criteria so as not to jeopardize this initiative.

The Fairtrade initiative started here only six years ago with just 600 boxes of fruits shipped weekly. Today, Fairtrade accounts for over 80% of all bananas from St. Vincent sold on the UK market. There are now 1191 Fair trade farmers in St. Vincent.

Addresses were delivered by representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, WIBDECO, St. Vincent Banana Growers’ Association (SVBGA), Windward Islands Farmers’ Association (WINFA), and FLO representatives.

The Assembly also adopted the 2006-7 Workplan for the National Fair trade Organization and elected new officers to serve for the same period. The new executive members are Philemon Allen – Chairman, Harvey Dick – Vice-Chairman, Nioka Abbott – Secretary, Sabrina Cain – Assistant Secretary, Calvin Herbert – Treasurer, Waltley Cato – Public Relations Officer, and Robert Snagg and Solomon Butler -Trustees.