May 4, 2007
RJR out of J’ouvert

AFTER TEN YEARS OF SERVICE in enhancing the Carnival experience, leading J’ouvert band RJR, has decided against a J’ouvert production for Vincy Mas 2007. RJR is satisfied that it has set high organizational standards and delivered unmatched quality in J’ouvert productions that many say have surpassed patrons’ expectations.{{more}}

Two former members however have embarked on a new venture to sustain the J’ouvert paint band expectations for Carnival 2007.

In a press release, RJR states that they expect “all supporters to continue living the RJR motto of `A WHOLE LOT OF CLEAN FUN’, while looking forward to future RJR entertainment initiatives”.

RJR thanked all supporters, corporate sponsors and J’ouvert revelers for a decade of support to the commitment of developing the carnival and tourism product.