Chateaubelair man feels his life’s in danger
May 4, 2007
Chateaubelair man feels his life’s in danger

ROY FREDERICK, a 26-year-old Chateaubelair resident is convinced that someone wants him dead.

On Tuesday April 26, around 7:50 pm gun shots were fired at his vehicle while it was passing through the Rillan Hill area, however, Frederick was not in the vehicle at the time.{{more}}

Frederick told SEARCHLIGHT that earlier, he lent the vehicle to his neighbour to pick up some relatives from the airport and at around 8pm he received a telephone call to say that shots had been fired at his vehicle. “My whole body went cold, cause I know they was gunning fo me and nearly kill an innocent man”, he said.

The Nissan Terano Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) received eight shots to the right rear door and what appears to be a shotgun blast on the roof above the driver’s door. None of the three persons in the vehicle at the time were hurt.

“I don’t trouble no one an I mek nuff people eat, all I want is to look after my young family”, Federick said. He further commented, “They must remember that life is a circle”.