Smart guy caught up in web of violence
April 27, 2007
Smart guy caught up in web of violence

As the usual speculations and assumptions swirl around the tragic death of 24-year-old Muzart Laidlow, former school mates and friends are trying to figure out how a top notch student found himself caught up in a web of violence that ultimately may have led to his death.{{more}}

Laidlow was found dead at his home in Campden Park last week Friday afternoon with gunshot wounds to the head. He is reported to have met his death between 6 p.m. Thursday and 4 p.m. Friday.

Although living on the south leeward end of the island, Laidlow was known to have frequented the Paul’s Avenue region, where he was well known.

One family member claimed that the former student of the St. Vincent Grammar School and Community College had close relatives in the area whom he visited often.

The former labourer was well liked by those who knew him, and was regarded as a very intelligent family guy, who excelled at the secondary school level and did remarkably well at the Community College in Geography and French.

He was respected for his cunning ways and for being ahead of the times. As family members grieve over his passing, police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Up to press time no arrests had been made. The funeral service will be held this afternoon at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Kingstown.