Grave trouble at Kingstown Cemetery
April 27, 2007
Grave trouble at Kingstown Cemetery

“Why would anyone want to trouble his grave?” those words were echoed by everyone in the vicinity of the Kingstown Cemetery last week Thursday morning who knew Philip Culzac.

The 62-year-old has been dead for just about six months and on four occasions his grave at the Kingstown cemetery has been maliciously disturbed.{{more}}

According to his wife and companion of almost 40 years Vanessa Culzac, Philip was a kind and gentle man who never bothered people in his life, so she is puzzled as to why anyone would disturb him now.

“I had a dream about him the other day, he appeared to me as if he wanted to tell me something,” she said as she stood over his grave. “I asked him what was the matter but he didn’t say anything.”

Culzac’s grave was discovered tampered with on three consecutive days last week by caretakers of the cemetery.

It was on the third day, Thursday, that caretaker and employee at the Kingstown Mortuary Kitty Antoine decided to inform the Culzac family of the disturbance. According to Antoine, the grave had also been troubled a couple months ago. Another grave about two sites down from Culzac’s, where a late prominent nurse is buried, was also discovered apparently disturbed that Thursday morning.

Mrs. Culzac, along with stepson Donald, one of Philip’s sons from a previous relationship, is appealing to the persons partaking in such a sacrilegious act to put an end to it.

The Culzacs indicated that they have informed the Kingstown Town Board about the matter, and officials there have promised to look into it.

Philip Culzac, who formerly resided at Largo Height and before that Rose Place, was a seaman by profession. He was described by persons who knew him as an easygoing, personable man and was considered a father figure to most who knew him.

At press time the grave had not been disturbed again.