CDC: Carnival plans going smoothly
April 27, 2007
CDC: Carnival plans going smoothly

Another ‘gala’ affair is scheduled to take place here in a matter of days.

This time it’s in capital Kingstown, where the organizers expect to eclipse the numbers which attended the opening of the Yurumein/Taiwan bridge last month.{{more}}

Carnival Development Corporation coordinator of shows Anthony Dennie, indicated that the launching of Vincy Mas 2007 is expected to be as spectacular as the shows to follow.

Dennie, speaking at the CDC’s press conference on Tuesday at the newly renovated CDC office, revealed that the May 5th official launching will take place in two stages.

Carnival lovers are expected to gather at Heritage Village from 10 a.m. for a taste of local culture, food and music. Then at 6 p.m. the celebrations head to the Chamber of Commerce car park for the official launching ceremony. He said that apart from the first public appearance of the Miss SVG contestants, a number of surprises are in store for persons attending the launching.

With regard to the shows taking place during the June 29th to July 10th period, Dennie said that patrons can expect early starts and shorter shows. He also said that plans to penalize mas bands who prolong the smooth flow of shows will be in place.

Also speaking at Tuesday’s press conference was marketing manager Hans King who indicated that the corporation is working vigorously on promotion of the event overseas with billboards, commercials and live link ups with radio and television stations. He called on local media especially the radio stations, to push Vincy Mas at every opportunity.

Chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose noted that he is proud of the upward spiral of visitors to the country for carnival, and expects that these numbers will increase.

Also updating the conference on the Miss SVG contestants was Cheryl Rodriguez, and Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste who congratulated the CDC for the work they are currently doing.