Children’s mouthwash revealed as double agent
April 20, 2007
Children’s mouthwash revealed as double agent

Consumers of the popular children’s mouthwash Agent Cool Blue have been asked to return any unused quantities for a full refund, after the makers have warned that using this product could be potentially dangerous.

Makers of Listerine products McNeil PPC announced on April 11th 2007, that it had voluntarily recalled two flavours of the plaque detecting rinse.{{more}}

The two flavors recalled: Glacier Mint and Bubble Blast were recalled after McNeil PPC determined that the preservative system is not adequate against certain micro organisms.

Local dentist Dr. Simone France, who sells the product at her dental office, explained that the makers, who usually use alcohol as a preservative in mouthwash, used an alternative preservative seeing they were targeting children. She said that it seems that these preservatives were not adequate, and bacteria built up in the mouthwash.

Although the company concluded that the risk of illness in healthy individuals using the product is very low, there could be significant health risks to persons with weakened or suppressed immune systems.

These persons, according to Dr. France, include those who may be diabetic or affected by HIV/AIDS.

To date there have been no consumer adverse health events reported that are related to this issue.

Introduced in 2006, Agent Cool Blue tints plaque blue for identification and brushing. The product is easily identified by the cartoon character on the bottle.

No other Listerine branded products are affected by this recall.

Dr. France indicated that the mouthwash was very popular with the children, and that a number of adults had purchased it for their own consumption.

She said that her customers have been informed of the recall and will be duly refunded.

Efforts by Searchlight to contact local distributor of Listerine, Sprott Distributors proved futile up to press time. Persons wishing more information on the recall can go to the website at