Walvarou man stabbed to death
April 13, 2007
Walvarou man stabbed to death

The mentally ill father of four who died two Wednesdays ago after receiving a stab wound to his chest, wasn’t a violent man but rather very helpful and loving, despite his illness.{{more}}

This, according to his sister and other relatives.

According to a police press release, Samuel Leroy Philips, 34, of Walvarou had a dispute with his tenant Alban Mars (in photo right below) at around 8:00 p.m. on the night of Wednesday, April 4. An altercation developed between the men, which resulted in Philips receiving the stab wound. He was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injury.

Phillips’ sister Michelle Philips said that she was shocked when she found out what had happened and was very confused.

Michelle explained that her brother’s potential for success was cut short after he had a nervous breakdown in his early twenties. This breakdown, coupled with his drinking and habit of smoking marijuana, crushed, in her opinion, any chance of a recovery.

Despite this, Michelle said that Leroy never became violent and was loved by all.

Michelle Philips (left), stands with Samuel Philips’ son Kenny, outside her house.

“I was really close to him, when he don’t take his medication he would talk “crazy talk” but that’s it , he never used to interfere with people, so I don’t understand what happened,” said Michelle.

She said that the entire family looked out for him.

“All of us looked out for him, we knew he was ill so we tried to make sure that he took his medication, had food to eat, everything,” she said.

Leroy is a former plumber with the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) and Michelle said that he would often assist persons in the community when they had small plumbing jobs.

“People will always call him to do things for them, help them out with any little job they had,” she recalled.

Brother of the deceased Andrew Philips sits outside his home as he sadly contemplates the loss of his brother.

Meanwhile Leroy’s brother Andrew said that he was still confused about his brother’s death seeing that he never knew his brother to be a violent man.

“He cool, even when he sick he don’t trouble people, he was just cool,” said Andrew.

Alban “Fingers” Mars, 48, originally from Mesopotamia, has been charged with causing Phillip’s death. Mars has been an employee with the Public Health Department for the past 18 years. He had been renting from the deceased for about two years.

The funeral service for Leroy Philips is expected to be held this Sunday at the Sion Hill Spiritual Baptist Church.