Hannaway is new head at Cable & Wireless
April 5, 2007
Hannaway is new head at Cable & Wireless

At the start of their new financial year, Cable & Wireless not only had change of business name, but also a new man at their helm. Effective April 1. 2007, Foster Hannaway who was formerly the VP Mobile and Marketing, took over where former Chief Executive, Daryl Jackson left off at the end of March, 2007. Hannaway has been a part of the Cable & Wireless St. Vincent and the Grenadines Business unit for almost 30 years, and as VP Mobile and Marketing, played one of the most pivotal roles in the Company over the last number of years.{{more}}

John Boyle, Chief Executive of the East Area Office was delighted with the appointment and issued the following statement. “Foster Hannaway will be stepping up as the acting CE in St. Vincent until such time as a decision is made on the permanent leadership in that business. I want to thank Foster for accepting this challenge and we look forward to working with him to continue to drive the success in St. Vincent”.

The St. Vincent & the Grenadines business unit ranks highly among its eastern counterparts, much of which was credited to the effective leadership of exiting Chief Executive, Daryl Jackson, who will now be taking up the post of Chief Operations Officer in the East Area Office.

Fitzgerald Huggins, former Head of Marketing will now be stepping into the role of acting VP Marketing & Mobile. Hannaway has pledged to continue the work of improving the customer experience started by Daryl Jackson, while continuing to provide top quality service in the areas of fixed line, mobile and internet.