March 23, 2007
Indian Heritage to host Panel Discussion

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Indian Heritage Foundation, in observance of National Heritage Month, will be hosting a panel discussion to sensitize the public about some the heroes of Indian descent who have had global recognition and to develop some criteria for the selection of National Heroes of SVG. The topic of discussion will be ” Our Heritage, Our Heroes.”

A panel of distinguished Vincentians will lead the discussion which will take place at the Macedonia Rock Hotel, Cane Hall.{{more}}

The event commences at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday March 29th, 2007.

March 29th 2007 is also the 150th anniversary of the Sepoy Rebellion or Indian Mutiny or The First War of Indian Independance when a number of Indians were killed when they protested against the British domination of India. It is believed that a number of Vincentians of Indian descent were killed in the mutiny of 1857.