Singer Lynx goes at it again
March 8, 2007
Singer Lynx goes at it again

With what is considered two successful years in the mas business under their belts, the Lynx mas band is going at year number three with their 2007 presentation ‘We like it so’.

The band holds its second display of drawings and samples this Sunday at the Bay View Car Park, hoping to give more persons here a glimpse of what is in store for them this time around.{{more}}

Band Manager Curtis Phillips says he hopes Sunday’s showing will boost the number of persons joining the band this year, which has done well despite its short period of existence. They placed fifth overall in the band of the year competition, and third for the most colorful band last year.

The band, sponsored by WE FM and Singer, is based at Sion Hill, but the band leaders are in discussions with the owners of the old Intermediate High School building with the aim of using the space formerly occupied by the school.

The designs were created by Ossie Constance and are based on traditional activities throughout the year.