National Society of Persons with Disabilities walk-a-thon
March 8, 2007
National Society of Persons with Disabilities walk-a-thon

Come March 30, the National Society of Persons with Disabilities would be inviting the public to put their walking shoes on to help raise funds for their education and skills training programme.

Public Relations Officer, Esroy Hackshaw said that the event is two-fold. He said it would begin with a walk-a-ton from Campden Park, while the second phase would be a march from the National Society for Persons with Disabilities building at New Montrose.{{more}}

He noted that the walk-a-thon would be supported by marathon walker, Earl “Ole George” Daniel and others from Campden Park and climax with the march and a rally at the Old Public Library building.

Hackshaw said that while on the streets, participants would be requesting donations from the public which would help raise funds for phase two of the Skills Training programme which include sewing and computer training.

The PRO explained, “People with disabilities often feel frustrated from not being gainfully employed. We sometimes get a job for a couple of months but we need to know that we can be employed all year round.”

He continued, “By teaching people skills, we know that they can employ themselves and the programme would give them skills to sew curtains, kitchen sets and beds sets so that they could make a living instead of just depending on others.”

Hackshaw pleaded with the public to continue to be supportive of persons with disabilities and encouraged those living with a disability to never give up on their dreams.

Another event on the 2007 calendar would include an HIV/AIDS health education programme from April 11-13 and a Blind Awareness Month in schools in primary schools in May.