Sunny Vale Primary receives $21,000 donation
March 2, 2007

Sunny Vale Primary receives $21,000 donation

The students and staff of the Sunny Vale Primary School are now better able to sit in comfort and conduct their regular classes as $21,000 worth of furniture and textbooks were donated to them by the management and staff of the Loyal Bank Limited.

In the handing over ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Adrian Baron expressed his delight at being able to donate the furniture and the textbooks to the school and hoped that the supply would help the students to achieve their goals.{{more}}

The funds that were donated to the school were raised by the management of the bank, the staff in St. Vincent and overseas as well as generous clients of the bank.

On September 14, 1998, the Sunny Vale Primary School opened its doors and began operating with only two students but today there is a total enrollment of 51 students.

The school is operated privately by the founder Hyacinth Sutherland and caters for children who are considered slow learners and have difficulties in functioning successfully in the traditional primary school system.

The school teaches the students the three “R’s” including Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and is looking forward to expanding their program to teach other basic skills to the students who will be unable to enter the state system.

Last year the school entered the first set of students to write the Common Entrance exam, five of whom are currently attending secondary schools while the other three are attending multipurpose centers for vocational training.