Car crashes into KFC building
March 2, 2007

Car crashes into KFC building

In what can be called a series of unfortunate events, David Legair of Paul Over may be wondering if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time on Monday.

Legair was involved in a freak accident which caused the vehicle he was driving R840, to crash into the gallery of KFC Downtown injuring one secondary school student.{{more}}

According to Legair’s statement to traffic police, he had just purchased gasoline at the Shell gas station using some US currency in the transaction.

As he entered the vehicle and drove away from the station, some money that he was holding in his hand, fell on the floor of the vehicle. He reached down to recover the wayward cash and leaned on the driver side door.

Legair realized that he did not close the door properly, and the next thing he knew he was on the pavement looking at the back of the vehicle.

The car rolled from the intersection at Banfield gas station and Grenville street and lodged itself at between the arches of the KFC building pinning 12-year-old Zanif Sandy to the door of the fast food restaurant.

Zanif was assisted by surprised onlookers who pulled him from under the vehicle and rushed him to the Milton Cato memorial hospital. He was treated and released.

Up to press time, police were still investigating the matter. It was uncertain what if any charges would be laid against Legair. Many at the scene wondered if the situation would have been different if the driver was wearing a seatbelt.