‘Yello’, ‘Greens’ shot at Roseau
February 16, 2007

‘Yello’, ‘Greens’ shot at Roseau

Allan “Yello” Samuel, a 20-year-old carpenter of Petit Bordel is lucky to be alive after being shot in his right leg. The shooting took place on Wednesday, February 7 around 9:30 p.m. at Roseau just off Wallilabou in North Leeward.

Also shot in the incident was 49-year-old Andrew “Greens” Williams, who told SEARCHLIGHT, “I was in the shanty when I saw a light, so ah say to meself them boys must be hunting, then I heard two shots so I pull back into the shanty and went down on the ground”.{{more}}

Williams said that two more shots were fired, and when he felt a burning in his back below his right shoulder he realized he had been shot. “I crawl out the shanty an went into some bush then ah hear Yello bawling,

I went back into the shanty an tell Yello to cool it. Ah give him my phone to call his brother,” he further stated.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Samuel at the Male surgical ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) he told us “I was sleeping when gunshot wake me up so I went on the floor then more shots were fired and one catch me in the leg”.

Samuel said that he called his brother who came for him in a speedboat. He was treated at the Chateaubelair Hospital before being sent to Kingstown. “I never expect to be here today, I had already give to say I was dead. I have to give thank to Dr John and Nurse McKie in Chato and the doctors and nurses at Kingstown”, he also said.

Angella Samuel, “Yello”‘s mother told SEARCHLIGHT “I was in shock but I have to give thanks that my son is alive, I have four boys and Yello is the second. God knows every night I pray for them”.

Samuel is still a patient at the MCMH while Williams was treated and released; however the bullet is still in his body.