Woman missing from Campden Park home
February 16, 2007
Woman missing from Campden Park home

A 62-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease has been missing from home for over a week and family members are now fearing the worst.

Elrita Small of Plan in Campden Park left home on Thursday morning to accompany her 11-year-old grandson to the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School he attends, but later that day she did not go back to meet him.{{more}}

Small, who lives with her common law husband of 20 years Cornelius Thompson and their grandson Akeedo, was reportedly seen in the Bottom Questelles / Clare Valley area later that day and then at the Campden Park Hard Court before she vanished.

Searchlight visited Thompson at the couple’s residence where the former police officer said he is stressed out by the matter.

“All now so I ain’t feeling good,” Thompson told searchlight. “I can’t catch myself. I worried.”

Thompson said he left Small at home about 7:30 that morning and when he returned later about three that afternoon, she was not there. This, he said, is not uncommon. However, when she failed to return home that evening he got worried.

“I started looking and asking around for her and people said they saw her earlier in the day but they don’t know where she went. I went to the Questelles Police Station and make a report.”

A call to the Questelles Police Station on Wednesday just before press time did not reveal anything new. The police indicated that they enquired in the neighborhood but no search was made.

According to Small’s daughter Kayleen Small who assisted Thompson with his search, her mom would usually wander about the area but would always return home.

“She doesn’t have any family or friends in the area she could visit or stay by” she said talking to SEARCHLIGHT, “so we don’t know where she could be”.

The younger Small said the mother of four had recently returned from Trinidad and Tobago where she visited her other daughter. She also has two sons.

Elrita Small is about 5 feet 2 inches tall, brown complexion, short straight hair and was last seen wearing a blue flowered dress and was barefooted.