February 16, 2007
Leacock: ULP will come crashing down

The Unity Labour Party will come crashing down if the information that Alex Lawrence has is ever revealed. This is according to Senator St Claire Leacock, who made this assumption during the New Democratic Party’s protest rally, last Friday at the Sion Hill Junction.

“The gentleman has information about your government,” Senator Leacock said as he challenged the legitimacy of the Prime Minister’s claim that Lawrence had information about National Security, which led to his early release from prison.{{more}}

Senator Leacock said that if a matter of National Security really existed then the CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting which was held earlier this week would not have been hosted here.

Senator Leacock said that the Prime Minister’s threat to let loose his supporters against the NDP was one of a backward, communist, dictator.

“Let them loose, let them come,” Leacock said.

Meanwhile Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ presence was felt in the midst of the hundreds of NDP supporters at the protest rally.

Attorney-at-law Vynnette Frederick had the appreciative crowd bursting with laugher when she brought the sponge filled “Ralph Gonsalves” doll on stage during her speech.

“People still want to know the truth,” she said, pointing at the doll as she mockingly “wiped her nose”.

During the Unity Labour Party’s celebration rally at Edinboro, Dr Gonsalves referred to Frederick as a “snotty nose little girl” so during the NDP’s meeting it was her time to play.

She again challenged the Prime Minister’s claim that the letter she wrote on behalf of the convict Alex Lawrence had anything to do with national security or had a request for Lawrence’s freedom.

“The people are not satisfied with the explanation,” she exclaimed. Frederick said that because of the Prime Minister’s handling of the Alex Lawrence issue the ULP government can no longer be trusted to make decisions in the interest of all Vincentians.

Parliamentary representative for the Northern Grenadines Dr Godwin Friday added his criticism to the DPP’s involvement in the Alex Lawrence release issue.

“The DPP should not have gotten involved in a political dispute,” Dr Friday said.

He also accused the government of thinking short term in all of their decisions saying that they were not making decisions with nation building in mind.

When he spoke, NDP Chairman Dr Linton Lewis said that it was time for the drug culture in St Vincent and the Grenadines to be dealt with.

He claimed that over 1500 of the nation’s young men are earning their living planting marijuana in the hills. Dr Lewis also expressed concern about the risky drug run between St Vincent and Barbados.

“Almost every week our young men are on the seas in Barbados, whose boats are not wrecked at sea, are shot at, all because of drugs,” he said.