February 2, 2007
No DNA in dog fight, case closed!

Following the breakthrough of DNA providing links to two year old murder cases here recently, Searchlight has decided to blow the dust from another cold case to try to get it solved.

On Friday, March 3, 2006, Searchlight newspaper on its front page carried a report of a battle over the ownership of a dog, between Lawyer and Senator Ronald Marks and returnee from the United Kingdom Patricia Way.{{more}}

It had been agreed by both parties that DNA testing would be used to determine the ownership of the dog, but after all the barking it turns out that the test was never done.

“We have resolved the matter peacefully, and everything is ok with regard to that, as far as I’m concerned the matter is over and done with.”

That’s according to Marks as Searchlight caught up with him leaving Parliament on Tuesday.

But that’s all both Marks and Way agree on.

The dog is in Way’s possession and has been so since a day after the incident occurred last year.

Marks claimed that the dog was returned to Way with his permission and grace, because Way appeared to be taking good care of the dog “but there is no doubt in my mind who the dog belongs to,” said Marks.

“The dog is with me because the dog is mine,” said Way speaking to Searchlight on the phone from her home. “Whenever I go anywhere and people who know Ronnie see me they call me a thief, but I leave them up to God.”

Both parties said that they are happy with the way things turned out, and do not expect the issue to go any further.