February 2, 2007
Missing man returns home

It was like a man returning from the grave on Monday, when Withman “T-Whoop” Hamilton showed up for the first time since he went missing in November – almost three months ago.

Withman “T- Whoop” Hamilton, a resident of Peniston was believed by some of the villagers to be dead, but T- Whoop has proven them wrong.

In an interview with “T- Whoop,” the middle-aged man told SEARCHLIGHT that all the time that he was missing, he had been living in the mountains not too far from Penniston.{{more}}

“When I got the news that Elmy was dead, I got so frustrated and frightened and I did not know what to do, cause I was down there fixing the van the day before she died,” T- Whoop told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to him, after he got the news that the mother of his first two sons was dead he was shocked and decided to go to the mountain to relax and try to overcome his grief.

He described the time that he spent in the mountain as lonesome. He further highlighted that while he was in the mountain he survived by eating greens that he cooked in a pot that he found, and at night he would sleep under a cave.

“Me plan fuh come back but after me feel so stress out me nah worry,” T- Whoop further stated. In relation to this, Hamilton highlighted to SEARCHLIGHT that he is a diabetic and during his time in the mountain he was beginning to feel ill, which according to him could be a result of his diabetes.

Withman ‘T- Whoop’ Hamilton, 54 years of age went missing on Wednesday November 8 last year. Upon his return, he was taken to the doctor where he was treated and sent home.