February 2, 2007
James is $74,000 lotto jackpot winner

Merleane James, a retired nurse of Cane Garden is now $74,000 richer as she is the second person to win the National Lottery since the start of the year.

“I am shocked and still shocked that I have won the lottery,” a smiling Merleane James told the media.{{more}}

When asked how she plans to spend her winnings, James replied by saying, “I am going to tie up some loose ends and then take a much needed vacation.”

According to her, the numbers were chosen from part of her social security number that she uses in the States. The ticket was purchased at Lady J Cafeteria and Gift shop that is located opposite the Ministerial Building.

She is of the opinion that before the end of this year she will be winning the Super 6 draw.

Speaking to the press, James stated that she had the opportunity to win $35 million and $125 million in the lottery in the United States, but according to her, she purchased the tickets and left them for her father to check, but he was delinquent in doing so.

She however states that she only plays the game when she gets the urge to do so. While she was in the US she nursed for 40 years and had also traveled to several other countries during her time.

The draw took place on the Friday January 19 with the lucky numbers being 01,12, 21,24 and 34..