Darius: Why did my daddy have to die?
February 2, 2007
Darius: Why did my daddy have to die?

She dreamt that she was climbing up a steep rock and fell to the bottom the very morning. She told her husband the dream, so when Lindina got the news shortly after 1:30 p.m. last Monday that her husband was in a tragic accident and had died, she knew God had forewarned her.

Clifton Augustus Theobalds life came to a painful end last Monday, January 29, when he lost control of his truck T8631 and ran off Park Hill Pubic road, over a cliff and into the Colonaire River. The 42-year-old man died on the spot. Two other men were in the truck, and managed to jump off and escape without injury.{{more}}

When we visited her at her New Grounds home, Lindina told SEARCHLIGHT that she was just holding on to God’s strength to see her through the ordeal of the loss of her husband of 13 years.

Describing him as the hardest worker she knew, Lindina said that her husband who is a distant cousin of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, had left the morning to carry two loads of bananas to town for a fellow farmer.

“Since we met he worked so hard and would work till he dropped in his banana field, working gave him a real joy,” Lindina said.

Reflecting on their lives together, Lindina said that they had their ups and downs but were determined to make their marriage work. She told SEARCHLIGHT that she recently lost her job and what looked like a negative turned out to be a huge positive because they were able to spend lots more time together over the last few months.

“I am so glad we were able to connect deeper over the last few months, it was special,” she said.

The couple has a seven-year-old son Darius together, and Clifton also left behind a 17-year-old son, Jeffery.

Lindina, a devout Christian for 23 years said that her strength is in the Lord and she is asking him to guide her hand through all this and work it out some how for her and her son.

While his mother was trying to hold things together, Darius could only say “I miss my daddy, why did my daddy have to die?”

As she buries her husband tomorrow (Saturday February 3) after a service at her home church New Life Tabernacle, Lindina said that she would remember him fondly, as a man who loved his family, and did what ever he had to do to make them happy.

She said that more than anything else she would continue to hear the words of the Lord, starting with Rev Wendell Roberts’ sermon tomorrow, and dive right into her ministry unto God, doing everything he asks of her, fulfilling her purpose.

“But I will miss him,” she said, as the reality continued to set into her aching heart.