January 26, 2007
Students preparing for Venezuela

Singing, drama and exotic Latin dancing will be part of 25 Vincentian students’ induction into Venezuelan life. They are getting ready to pick up their all expense paid scholarships in various disciplines in Venezuela.

Professor Lesbia Tesorero said that she was looking forward to acclimatizing the students to Venezuelan culture even before they leave these shores.{{more}}

“They will be in Venezuela even though they are still in St Vincent. The language, culture, television, every thing will come home to them, it will be a very functional course,” said Professor Tesorero who is on a two year assignment with the Venezuelan Institute in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The students will leave on July 06 with 240 hours of language and other training under their belts. They will kick start their studies in a wide range of disciplines including, political science, medicine, agriculture, social communication, law, tourism and electricity.

“A lot of these areas are part of the development needs of our society so we are looking forward to these students coming back to develop their country,’ said Chief Personnel Officer, Bernard Morgan.

He said that each of the students who are benefiting from the scholarships, courtesy the Venezuelan Government would be bonded to the government for a year more than the duration of their studies. Most of the disciplines will take four to five years to be completed.

Morgan also stressed that while the Venezuelan Government will ensure that all the students’ needs are met during their sojourn that there will be an open line at the Service Commission for any student who needs assistance.

Stating that the scholarships were partly due to the great relationship that exists between Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, the Second Secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Gustavo Curiel said that the scholarships were also President Chavez’s way of contributing to the region’s merging integration.

“We are also a part of the region,” Curiel said.

Ambassador, Her Excellency, Tibisay Urdaneta is currently on vacation.

The preparatory classes are scheduled for Monday to Friday, from 10am to 11:45 am at the Venezuelan Institute.

One of the students who started this six month preparatory training is 21-year-old Andie Hadley. The Greggs resident told SEARCHLIGHT that she wasn’t the least bit apprehensive about going off to Venezuela and was in fact very excited about what was in store.

“I have always been fascinated about Latin culture and way of life so I am looking forward to the experience,” said the bubbly former St Joseph Convent, Marriaqua student.