Lions Club South hosts project for diabetics
January 26, 2007
Lions Club South hosts project for diabetics

From next week, some diabetic residents of Enhams will get the opportunity to educate themselves more on how they can control their diabetes and receive several medical services that would be offered in the community.

The project that is facilitated by the Lions Club South of St. Vincent received $15,064 from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Fairtrade organisation to assist them in the program.{{more}}

According the Dr. Roger Duncan, the objective of the program is to improve the care of persons with diabetes within the Enhams community while at the same time showing them ways on how they can take proper care of themselves.

To achieve these goals, the residents would be given free medical consultations that would be conducted by physicians from the Lions Club along with physicians who are working in partnership with the group. Moreover, there will be free access to lab testing along with access to diabetes education materials.

“We will also be distributing Glucometers and strips to all diabetics who were seen in the project,” Duncan stated. “This means that persons will now be able to test their diabetes at their homes,” he continued.

Later this year the Lions Club is hoping to start a foot care program for persons living with the disease.

Handing over the cheque to the Lions Club South, treasurer of the Fair Trade Organisation, Anton Bowman expressed his love for the Foot care program based on the fact that it can be a way to give back to farmers who suffer from this disease.

The program will run for one year and will cater for 25 persons every quarter. The foot care program is also scheduled to be launched sometime this year.