January 26, 2007


A supply listed in one of the items below is an exempt supply in accordance with the Value Added Tax Act.

1. Financial services

2. international transport services including international mail services provided by the Postal Corporation.

3. the sale of real property *

4. a lease, licence, hire or other form of supply of the rights to occupy accommodation in residential premises.{{more}}

5. hotel or holiday accommodation for a continuous period of more than 45 days.

6. transportation of passengers by land, sea or air within St. Vincent and the Grenadines excluding:

(a) Chartered tours

(b) A chartered journey by sea or air

7. education services

8. medical, dental, nursing, convalescent or similar services.

9. nursing homes or residential care for the aged, indigent, infirm or disabled

With the introduction of VAT on May 1, several existing taxes will be abolished. These include Consumption Duty, Telecommunications Surcharge, Hotel Tax, Stamp Duty on receipts and Entertainment Tax.