January 12, 2007

Careless German thief leaves finger behind


GERMANY – From the Turkish Airline workers who sacrificed a camel at Istanbul airport to celebrate a job well done to the German who invented snug spray-on condoms, the world was full of offbeat news in 2006, reported the Reuter News Agency.

The odd news included “Miss Israel ” Yael Nezri being exempted from carrying her assault rifle in the Israeli army because it bruised her beauty queen legs as well as “Mr. Switzerland” Renzo Blumenthal lured lonely women who hate soccer to his country for the World Cup.{{more}}

Careless thieves once again made headlines round the world. A burglar in Germany left behind a vital clue – his fingertip.

“We usually find finger prints but it’s not everyday that the thieves leave the original there too,” a police spokesman said.

In Jordan a salesman was arrested for trying to fleece a money exchanger with a fake ID card bearing a Brad Pitt picture.

In India, proving their innocence was very painful for 150 men whom village leaders ordered to dip their hands in boiling oil to prove that they were innocent of stealing food.

In Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian man died when he tried to open a rocket-propelled grenade with a sledgehammer.