December 22, 2006
Digicel makes familes happy

Digicel has made the Christmas season better for three disadvantaged families in the North Leeward community by giving them food hampers.

Hiring the bus “Blinks” the Digicel staff ventured first to Rose Hall where they trekked through dirt tracks to hand over the goodies to Hazel-Ann Richards, a 32-year old mother of six children.{{more}}

On receiving the goodies Richards said “I’m feeling real happy I didn’t expect to get all this for me and my children dem. I’m not working anywhere and my husband just walk out and leave me with my children dem. Christmas was coming and I didn’t know what I was going to do, but God really provide.”

The single parent said that she also recently lost a baby and almost died from complications but was grateful for life and wished everyone at Digicel a Merry Christmas.

The second recipient of the Digicel Food Hampers was 64-year old Veronica Depleche, a grandmother of Rose Bank who is taking care of her six grandchildren.

Delpleche said that both parents for her grandchildren died five years ago and she and her 81-year old husband Dougal Delpleche have been caring for them.

The grandmother said that the contribution Digiciel made was a marvelous blessing and said that the hampers would carry them a long way this Christmas.

The third hampers were given to Ylolda Stapleton, a 46-year-old single mother of Chateaubelair.

Although just five of her 10 children are living with her in a “wattle and daub” and wooden house dwelling house, Stapleton admitted that it has not been easy.

Receiving the donation from Digicel the teary-eyed mother said, “I not feeling so well but I feel so nice because I was wondering what I was going to do. God always provides in his own way, I feel loved and strong, thank you Digicel.”

Meanwhile, Community Development Field Officer for North Leeward Chadis Stapleton, praised Digicel for their kind gesture and called on other companies to “copy cat” what Digicel since it was making the lives of so many families merrier this Christmas.

She said, “When you are working around the people in my community you know the poverty and it breaks my heart. Many of them get up each morning with nothing to feed their children and grandchildren and I am so glad that Digicel has rescued their needs. May the Lord continue to bless you all in your field of endeavour Digicel.”