December 22, 2006

Cable & Wireless gives back to the Community

Cable & Wireless, official sponsor of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, has not only been providing telecommunication services to clients but at this festive time of the year it has been involved in its Community Outreach Programme.

“It is our role as a corporate citizen to help our fellow man, it is our duty to provide hope for those who believe all hope is lost,” said Chief Executive Officer Daryl Jackson, who has also been among the volunteers at the company who have gone into many of the rural communities delivering foodstuff.{{more}}

The CEO said that this is the fifth year the company will be providing food packages to the less fortunate at Christmas time.

The initiative is headed by the company’s Human Resource Department and was spearheaded by Michael Nanton in 2002.

VP of Human Resources Sandra Matthews says that the event has become an integral part of their Christmas activities and will continue to be for many years.

Volunteers said that it was a very rewarding experience personally and they did not previously understand the extent of the level of poverty.

As part of the community outreach Cable & Wireless in association with the Ministry of Culture will present today a Christmas cultural explosion with performances by the String Band, bom drums, X-Pan of Sion Hill, Cable & Wireless Starlift Steel Orchestra and a host of local artistes such as the Bowmans, Sulle, Fireman Hooper, DJ 20 and Skarpyon.

“The event is part of the company’s ‘Put a smile on your face’ Christmas campaign, which has provided great offers to Cable & Wireless customers in all their product lines for the 2006 Christmas,” a release from the company stated.