Two more win Digicel fortune
December 15, 2006

Two more win Digicel fortune


This past week two more people were Digicel winners in its Christmas competition “Digicel is the Key to your $150,000 Fortune”.

Zanny Thompson of Lowmans Wd was the seventh recipient of $500 while its fourth $1000 winner was Dan Robertson of New Montrose.{{more}}

When notified Thompson thought it was a prank but soon realized that it was the real deal when it went live on radio.

Robertson bought a Q-point top up on November 30 and received the letter ‘C’, but decided to hold on to the voucher for two weeks before coming into Digicel’s office. When Robertson arrived at Digicel’s corporate office on Thursday last week he handed over the voucher and said ”I am here to check this voucher I think I have a C. I have not used the voucher as yet…I just wanted to be sure.”

Digicel is giving away a grand prize of $150,000 to prepaid customers who collect all the letters on their Q-point receipts or prepaid cards to spell DIGICEL. Those who spell the word will receive $1,000 while other people will win a $500 weekly prize.

Post paid customers who pay their bill on time will be automatically entered for the grand prize.