‘He kept saying Stacy was his wife’
December 15, 2006

‘He kept saying Stacy was his wife’

When Stacy Wilson said, “Mommy I going now” not in a million years would have Emelia Nanton thought that would be the last time she would hear or see her daughter alive.

Nanton is still trying to patch the broken pieces of her heart resulting from the loss of her daughter who fell victim to one of the most senseless and boldfaced acts that has ever dawned upon blessed St Vincent and the Grenadines. A man in broad daylight decapitated her on Monday at the Leeward Bus Terminal.{{more}}

Sagging under the weight of the loss of Stacy, her mother struggled to tell SEARCHLIGHT about the time leading up to her daughter’s demise.

She said that Stacy was in her room with her younger brother in the morning when she went and sat on the porch.

“I remember sitting there and I bit my tongue when a feeling came over me as if something terrible was going to happen,” Nanton recalled.

About 4 pm that tragic afternoon she was again sitting on the porch and she bit her tongue for a second time.

“I said this is really strange, I just feel something had happened.”

Moments later two guys came running and told her that “Stacy geh chop up in town and dead.”

She instantly went cold and felt weak. She cried endlessly and could not get to sleep that night.

She said that Stacy never had any trouble with anyone and that she was friendly to all.

The man, Shorn Samuel who has been detained in connection with her daughter’s murder was a relative of the family. She told SEARCHLIGHT that about a year ago he became obsessed with Stacy and kept saying that she was his wife.

“After we told him to stop coming around here, he would become angry and said that I was blocking him from Stacy,” Nanton recollected.

As she reminisced the quick blinks could not hold back the tears that had already flooded her puffy eyes.

Nanton recalled her daughter being a very nice and humble individual, who had goals she wanted to accomplish.

“Stacy was a very ambitious person and wanted to be somebody in life.”

In one of their last conversations, Stacy said that this would be her last year working at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital as she wanted to pursue business studies abroad.

More than just a daughter to her, Nanton said Stacy was also a friend.

“I miss my daughter a lot, I missed doing a lot of things with her, she was a role model to many.”

Left to mourn are Stacy’s younger brothers 19-year-old Chris and one-year-old Ranno.

Wilson’s body will be laid to rest next Tuesday at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Vermont.