December 1, 2006

Parents should be role models

Former West Indian wicket keeper, Michael Findlay believes that the Parents in Literacy (PIL) programme launched by the Calliaqua Anglican Primary school should be adopted nationally.

“You should get the education ministry to consider carrying this idea through out the length and breadth of St Vincent and the Grenadines, it is a wonderful programme,” Findlay said.{{more}}

Findlay, who is the CEO of the Local Organizing Committee for World Cup Cricket 2007, was a guest speaker at the launching of PIL, the brain child of Calliaqua Anglican School Reading Club.

PIL seeks to get parents more actively involved in their children’s reading development. It encourages parents among other things to label items in children’s bedrooms and around the house so that they could get familiar with seeing and spelling the words.

Findlay told the appreciative crowd that the most important thing in a child’s life is having their parents involved in their day-to-day development.

“Parents are children’s role models and mentors,” Findlay said.

Also addressing the gathering was Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne who is a major sponsor of the school’s reading club, along with his wife.

“When would the ground be broken for the library?” was his question to area representative Clayton Burgin, who was also a guest speaker.

The Governor General was speaking of the school library project in which his family has been investing faithfully and said that he had hoped that the construction would have begun already.

Sir Frederick challenged parents to help their children develop a love and to lead by example by making reading a habit.

“Every one should read something every day,” he said.

Last Sunday, November 26, over 100 teachers, students and parents marched from the Calliaqua playing field, through the inner streets of the town, to the pulsating rhythm of the police band at the start of the event. They then packed the school yard for the official ceremony.