December 1, 2006

Leroy Lewis is back with Bay Towers hotel

Three months after closing Roy’s Inn in Kingstown Park, LeRoy Lewis is back in business.

On December 1, he throws open the doors to St Vincent and the Grenadines newest hotel, Bay Towers.

Located in Sion Hill Bay area, the hotel is located on the same premises as the Bay Hills Apartment which was closed for renovation.{{more}}

The hotel has 12 suites and a 75-seat restaurant.

“We have another17 rooms including a conference room capable of holding 75 persons already, but we are upgrading them to industry standards. Completion date is projected for March 1, 2007,” Lewis told Searchlight.

“We will be a Two Star on completion but we are improving our service to qualify for Three Star.”

The hotel will have employ 15 people.

The opening today brings to 312 the number of hotel rooms in mainland St Vincent.

In September the 22-room Roy’s Inn closed to business putting 23 workers on the breadline. The reason for the closure was not revealed but Lewis told Searchlight then that he was eager to get back into business soon and he was looking for a suitable location.