November 24, 2006



It’s not often that one comes across a person who has the total package of great looks, undeniable talent and quiet humility. But the Caribbean realised these qualities in 23-year old Kyron Ezra Baptiste and texted him into the winning position to become the second Digicel Rising Star from this country on Saturday, November 18.

When he touched down on a LIAT aircraft at the ET Joshua Airport on Tuesday, Kyron was greeted by ministers of government, Digicel representatives, family, the media, and thousands of fans.{{more}}

He was whisked away to a press conference in the VIP lounge where government and Digicel officials heaped praises on him.

But the real show of adoration came from wall-to-wall crowd of devoted fans that flocked around the airport to cheer and get a glimpse of their new hero.

Digicel representatives tried not once, twice or trice to get Kyron through the crowd but four times, and as soon as the terminal door was opened, the singer was mobbed and almost trampled by exuberant Vincentians.

Searchlight caught up with the singer who immediately apologised to his fans for not being able to greet them personally at the airport but said the situation was beyond control and the decision was made to put him on the truck for a motorcade instead.

On Wednesday, November 22 Searchlight caught up with him relaxing on mainland St Vincent at the home of his long time friend, marathon athlete Pamenos Ballantyne in Arnos Vale.

Sitting on the living room couch, his black Sonny Ericsson phone rang off the hook at least 15 times with the ring tone of reggae artist Gyptian’s song of “Be With You.”

In every instance Kyron showed finesse and patience in the way he spoke with his adoring fans and was always to the point but never impolite. He intelligently pointed out that although the sudden stardom has changed the perception of how people see him, it has not changed him.

“I’m still me!” he remarked. “This is who I am, I am a very happy person. I am not faking when I go on stage, I just let it flow and it comes out in my performance. I admire people like Bob Marley on stage who never really plan what they are going to do, but instead let the music take over. Music is my way of expressing myself and if I feel like jumping or throwing my jacket into the audience I do it. I give the musical vibes to the people and it comes out in my performance,” he said heartily.

Kyron told the Searchlight that he had always loved singing and was at one time suspended for two weeks from the Georgetown Secondary School for singing in class, but after his father pleaded with the principal he was allowed to return.

“The music just takes over my whole being and I can’t explain how I feel when I sing, a teacher once thought that I was crazy and that I needed counseling,” he reminisced.

The Sandy Bay born youngster remembers that he was often told that singing wouldn’t take him anywhere, and that he should go the hills and plant ganja for a living. But Kyron knew that the illegal quick money way of life was not the route he wanted to travel and instead made the decision to go to Bequia to fulfil his life long dream in entertainment. With the help of musicians Babbler and Patches Knights, Kyron sang with the “Twilight” band with his cousin Jackie and later spent two years on a cruise ship as an entertainer. It was there that Kyron admitted that he got most of his experience and hopes to one-day help other realise their dreams.

He plans to set up music academy in Barrouallie, Sandy Bay and Bequia so that the talent of the nation’s youth could be honed from an early age. He said that this project is very dear to his heart and that he has already sought the assistance of the Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste who has pledged her commitment towards Kyron’s vision. The entertainer said that he wanted to decentralise the schools in three different locations so that children from the north, south, and the Grenadines would get the opportunity to be certified in music.

He expressed the need for Vincentians to encourage the youth whether through sports, academics or the arts since young people were often bombarded with peer pressure and needed a positive outlet for expression.

In the interview with Searchlight, Kyron praised people like Pamenos Ballantyne, Gregory Ledger, Jerry George, Jean Johnny Findlay and his mother for their support and advice.

A single guy, Kyron now has many girls swarming and screaming his name on the phone. He said that while he appreciates the love he is receiving from the ladies he knows exactly what he wants.

A man who knows what he is looking for in a female companion, Kyron blushed when asked to describe his preference in the opposite sex. He explained, “I like a young lady who is intelligent, ambitious, beautiful, of course caring, loving and she must also appreciate and support what I do.”

But with music primarily on his mind Kyron looks up to the great rhythm and soul singers James Browne. Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye. He also expressed a love for blues music from singers such as BB King but said that his scope also varied into pop, rock, reggae, soft and calypso music.

With his publishing and recording contract now signed and sealed from the Digicel competition, Kyron said that he is now ready to bring a new sound to the world with his recordings. He said that his music would be a fusion of different genres that would appeal to the masses and already announced that he has been booked for shows with other regional artistes.

In retrospect of the late Patrice Bascombe, Kyron said that God works in mysterious ways and described the 18-year old who passed away as a beautiful young lady.

After Patrice died and Danielle Ollivierre was unable to attend as the second representative because she was studying overseas, Kyron said that he was elated to be

chosen as the third candidate in the competition.

Concluding his Searchlight interview, Kyron thanked the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Caribbean for supporting him and called upon them to be proud of who they were. He expounded: “It doesn’t matter where you live, where you came from or what people say about you. It is up to you to remain humble and to surround yourself with positive people. You can make it to the stars, if you never stop believing in your self!”

The first Digicel Rising Star was 18-year old Kyokia Cruickshank.