November 24, 2006

Compton: Captain ship is sinking!

ST LUCIA – As Saint Lucians are preparing to go to the polls on December 11, another member of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour (SLP) has appeared on the platform of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

Petra Nelson, an Attorney at Law and former Chairperson of the SLP’s Castries Central Constituency Group, last night made an appearance at a UWP meeting in support of the candidate for Castries Central Richard Fredrick.{{more}}

Ask to comment on this latest move from the SLP to the UWP, Political leader of the UWP Former Prime Minister Sir John Compton said ” there is only one thing I can say on that and it is, to sing the calypso, ‘ Captain the ship is sinking’, as people are deserting the SLP’s ship and coming to the party they know, so that they can use their talents and to make a contribution to the progress of Saint Lucia”.

Sir John added that his party welcomes Mrs. Nelson just as it did for Former Minister for Women’s Affairs. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun who was dismissed by the Dr Kenny Anthony’s administration.

Nelson took part in her party’s run-off against Attorney General Philip La Corbiniere to select an SLP candidate for the Castries Central seat after the holder of that seat, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, resigned from parliament. . Nelson lost that run-off. A Bye- Election was held on March 13, 2006 with La Corbiniere as the party’s candidate running against Attorney at Law Richard Fredrick. Mr. Fredrick won that seat as an Independent candidate, he later joined the UWP.