Students celebrate in Taiwan
November 3, 2006

Students celebrate in Taiwan

by Kenton Chance in Taiwan

The name of St Vincent and the Grenadines is now on the lips of more Taiwan people as Vincentians in Taiwan last Sunday, October 29 celebrated their nation’s 27th anniversary of political independence with an event showcasing the culture and cuisine of their multi-island state.

Guests described as “refreshingly different” the celebration, which was coordinated by Peggy Carr. Vincentian students, bolstered by the success of the event, have already begun to toy with the idea of an even more elaborate celebration next year.{{more}}

The celebration began with the Vincentians blending their voices in the singing of the national anthem of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Silkie Prescott and Jeana Noel’s, melodious voices later evoked feelings of nostalgia with their respective soulful renditions of Vibrating Scakes’s “Our Nation is Born” and Alston “Becket” Cyrus’s “St Vincent My Homeland”.

While the majority in the audience responded to the challenge of trying some soca moves and some of the more daring tried the limbo, it was Vashti Carr who stole the show with her skillful playing of the steel pan, an instrument which most of the audience had either not ever heard of or heard being played.

The event represented more than just a celebration of SVG’s Independence as it also brought together expatriates from the Caribbean and further afield.

The entertainment package included dance pieces by “Caribbean Heat” a recently formed group of mainly Vincentians but including Grenadians.