October 13, 2006

Oasis Spa and Wellness Centre gives back to the Thompson Home

The Oasis Spa and Wellness Centre (formerly The Beauty Bar) has started its Laying Hands Programme at the Thompson Home for the elderly at Richmond Hill.

This is a programme of complimentary massages and treatments to the residents of the Thompson Home.{{more}}

“It is our way of using our training at the Oasis Spa and Wellness Centre to make others feel better and give

back to society,” said Manager Monique Arthur-Tash who added that the elderly are often prone to depression due to loneliness, bereavement and health issues and a massage can promote a sense of physical and mental well-being.

Often the elderly grow unaccustomed to the comfort of physical touch as they age. Massage also promotes circulation, joint mobility and supple muscles, which help to prevent injury and ill-health, said the manager.

The programme and its name Laying Hands is a biblical reference to the healing of the apostles and according to Arthur-Tash, was an appropriate name for a programme that promotes the healing properties of massage.

The Thompson Home has 19 residents.