September 29, 2006

Cable & Wireless to launch new Corporate networking solution

Cable & Wireless has announced plans to launch a new corporate networking solution, IP-VPN QoS, using MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology this month. This launch will signify development of the first-ever MPLS network built for the Caribbean, and enables the first-ever offer of end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees to corporate data network customers in the region.

The IP-VPN QoS service represents a significant improvement over existing corporate data networking offerings, and will target mid-to-large sized corporations. The service runs over an all-IP MPLS network. It serves to connect national and international office locations, whilst improving cost efficiency and performance of corporate data networks.{{more}}

C&W’s new regional MPLS network will have a point of presence in most Caribbean islands where the company operates, from Grenada to the British Virgin Islands to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It will be connected to Cable & Wireless’ Global MPLS network. This ensures local, national and global connectivity for corporate customers with multiple office locations.

Garnet McMaster, Vice President of Technology & Operations states that he is excited at the functionalities this network allows, of particular importance is the ability to tailor our service offering to fit the needs and priorities of our customers. He further added, “This is great news for our customers as we will be able to guarantee Quality of Service, and are able to provide Service Level Agreements to back up our promises. Customers can feel more confident in the reliability of our services as they move to running more applications – including voice, over a single network of converged data services.”

The introduction of MPLS technology represents eight new opportunities to customers in the areas of efficiency (by having many backup routes to avert prolonged failure); quality of service; scalability (easily expandable and easy network re-configuration); security (secure connections, firewall and encryption technologies); reliability; business continuity (fast data transport between primary and disaster recovery sites in separate physical locations); interworking (integrated sites connected via different technologies); and future-proof, that is, the Class of Service, all-IP model not only means organizations can select the right prioritization of traffic for today, but gives scope for change and growth in the future, as business needs change and new applications become available

Said Dan Rudd, chief technology officer for Cable & Wireless Americas & Caribbean, “Our investment in the first MPLS network in the Caribbean was driven by customer needs for better network availability, guaranteed performance, more efficient use of available bandwidth, and a scalable, flexible, future-proof solution.”

“The pricing of solutions based on the MPLS network will be comparable with current Frame Relay Services in terms of Bandwidth,” explained Brad Mitchell, head of corporate sales, Cable & Wireless Americas & Caribbean, “However, for this same cost, customers gain better returns on their bandwidth investments, and improved performance of applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and security services.”

Cable & Wireless invested more than US$10 million dollars in the MPLS network, and is planning to continue investing in this new-generation network, enabling world-class services as technology, applications and customer needs evolve.º