September 22, 2006

Big ruckus at E.T Joshua airport

A man bearing a name similar to a former Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago caused a big uproar last Saturday at the ET Joshua airport and it took police officers to defuse the situation.

Rumors began to spread that the famed Trinidad and Tobago politician had verbally abused a passenger services agent at Caribbean Star because be was asked to pay a US$25 fee for changing his ticket.{{more}}

However it was not Lawrence Ramesh Maharaj, who assured SEARCHLIGHT that he had not left the state but it was another Trinidadian whose name was similar.

SEARCHLIGHT confirmed with the airline that it was not Maharaj.

Reports said that a Ramal Maharaj sought to change his flight from 7:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. He had an argument with the agent and wrote on his credit card authorization slip “Mr. Ramal Maharaj refuses to pay Caribbean Sun this charge of US$25.”

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the argument became quite loud and aggressive. The police came and calmed the irate passenger who paid the charge and was allowed to travel on the earlier flight.

On the same day, a vagrant made his way past Immigration, security screening officers and through the departure area onto the ramp and attempted to board a Caribbean Star aircraft.

Airport manager Joel Jack will only confirm that there was a breach of security that was being investigated.

Vincy Aviation, the local agent for Caribbean Star, has filed a complaint about the lax security.