August 4, 2006
OMS, Funtime revives Carnival t-shirt bands

It’s an expensive venture to bring out a T-shirt band on Carnival Monday, but businessman Omara Davis and Ezzie Roberts make that sacrifice every year to give party goers a time to unwind.

The two entrepreneurs, who sat down with the Searchlight Newspaper, admitted their love has always been for culture. They emphasied that while many people may not be able to afford a costume for over $100, they could purchase a T-shirt for just $25 and get the opportunity to party on the streets.{{more}}

Looking at it from a business perspective, Roberts pointed out that the T-shirt band was also a fantastic way for other businesses to advertise their products.

He said, “I recently saw a lady wearing a T-shirt from the 1980s and it still looked great. I love the Mas aspect of Carnival, but when the festival is over, people throw away their costumes, but people still have their T-shirts. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to advertise their products all over the world since there are visitors who also purchase these T-shirts and take them back home with them.”

Roberts, however, expressed disappointment that the T-shirt band is not judged like other aspects of Vincy Mas.

Meanwhile, partner of OMS and Funtime Promotions T-shirt band, Omar Davis, pointed out that their T-shirts always highlight issues in the country. He noted that over the years their T-shirt band had themes like, “Banana Industry, Protect Yourself and SVG Celebrates.”

He said that their T-shirt band tries to ensure that their themes are wholesome for the entire family and noted that the 2006 theme of “SVG Caribbean Magic” also promoted the country and Carnival in a positive way. Davis also praised Vincentians for reducing the violence and vulgarity and stressed that this was an indication that Vincentians were becoming more patriotic.

The business team made a plea for the Carnival Development Corporation, CDC, to take greater interest in the Carnival Monday T-shirt band providers who struggle to bring the service each year.