July 28, 2006
Woman with HIV denied week’s pay

An HIV positive woman who makes her living as a cleaner is not satisfied with the way she has been treated by her manager.

The woman told SEARCHLIGHT that she wrote to her boss earlier this month asking his permission for time off to participate in a regional outreach programme in Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago, staged by Alliance and the Caribbean Regional Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS.{{more}} She noted that though her request was granted she was very disappointed when she returned from Trinidad and Tobago and did not receive her week’s pay.

“I went to collect my pay and there was no money. So I went to the manager and he said the letters I wrote to him asking for the time off were no-pay leave letters and I can’t get pay. The letters that he had asked for had nothing asking for no-pay request,” the woman who has been diagnosed with HIV for the past 11 years said. She said just before leaving for the Caribbean country she had explained her status to the manager.

“I told him he broke his promise and he calls himself a Christian,” the grieving woman said.

She said she has been seeking the help of a trade union to resolve the matter.