Beache – US Army welcomed in Iraq
July 21, 2006
Beache – US Army welcomed in Iraq

Vincentian Glyger Glenroy Beache, a Colonel in the United States Army insists that despite popular opinion, the American army is welcomed by the masses in Iraq and is really on a much needed and desired liberation mission in the Middle Eastern state.

“If you see the faces of the people when they meet us you would know the truth,” stated the soldier of 23 years experience adding that the soldiers are treated like heroes by people in the various Iraqi villagers.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT caught up with Beache at the Brighton Methodist Primary School Graduation on Thursday July 06 where he spoke about his recently-ended 11 month stint in Iraq.

Beache was the lead garrison chaplain in a camp that catered for over 40 thousand soldiers on any given day and had under his leadership a team of 35 chaplains. “We had to minister to so many hurting soldiers” stressed the Methodist minister whose educational profile includes a Master’s Degree in Divinity and a Doctorate in Ministry from Drew University in New Jersey. Those qualifications along with his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Behavioral Science from Scaritt College in Nashville Texas were all achieved in less than ten years of intense studies.

Beache told SEARCHLIGHT that he had returned for his annual pilgrimage to Calliaqua to the spot where he was born. “I have been coming over the last ten years and stand there as it strikes midnight, thank God for allowing me to see one more year” he explained

Beache turned 55 on Thursday July 13. Although born in Calliaqua he grew up in Brighton and is a member of the Striders Organization. The Striders Organization consists of Brighton residents, some of whom live abroad and are involved in various community development projects in Brighton and sthe urrounding communities.

They have also had a long-standing relationship with the Brighton the Methodist School and offer several scholarships.

The war in Iraq has fuelled much public debate and even angry objections by some but Beache insists that he felt “real glad” that he was there. “If you see the wickedness and cruelty that takes place there, if people could see, their opinion would change.”

He said that it was important to know that the majority of insurgents aren’t even from Iraq but are in fact from nearby countries. “They come across and they rape and kill and steal from Iraqis, they are criminals.”

Beache also sought to correct the perception that soldiers are heartless killers who enjoy the sight of blood. This is a television-inspired misconception. “Soldiers desire peace and do not enjoy war.” Beache further explained that each soldier, as he fights for his life, is still dealing with; family problems back home, internal conflicts and is forced to make quick mental adjustments.

“You should see one of those guys when they kill someone for the first time or watch their buddy shot to death. It is tough on them,” the committed soldier sadly explained.

Beache who is a divorced father of five revealed to SEARCHLIGHT some very disturbing statistics which indicate that over 25% of soldiers on active duty get reports of sudden illness to immediate family members. Beache himself could attest to this. While in Iraq, his 12-year-old son took ill with high blood pressure, a condition that confused his doctor.

It is only subsequently that doctors were able to figure out that the symptoms were caused by the boy’s worry that his father would not return home safely from his tour of duty in Iraq.