Rotary hands over refurbished playground
July 14, 2006
Rotary hands over refurbished playground

The School for Children with Special Needs, once again, has full use of its playground thanks to efforts made by the Rotary Club of St. Vincent.

Last Thursday morning, President of the Rotary Club, Leroy Lewis handed over the locks to the playground to Principal of the school, Fred Stay.{{more}}

Smiles and thunderous applause burst out, as the children beheld their reconstructed playground.

Principal Stay expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Rotary Club for their extensive work on the playground. He mentioned that the children were, indeed, delighted upon hearing the news that the playground would be fully operational again.

Stay, however, pointed out that the location of the playground, sometimes, proved a challenge as the children have to cross the road to get to the playground and this is, sometimes, problematic because of heavy traffic.

“I would like to see police place more speed bumps right in front of the school so as to allow our kids to pass safely to the playground,” said Stay.

Repairs became necessary after termites infested the lumber from which the playground was constructed. The swings were also repainted.

The playground was refurbished at an estimated cost of $10,000 with donations coming from Rotarians in Canada.