WE FM ‘Godfather’ proud to see child growing
June 23, 2006
WE FM ‘Godfather’ proud to see child growing

Win Callender has described himself as the Godfather of WE FM, and he is “proud” having seen his child “grow to maturity.”

Callender, one of the region’s top radio personalities, gave the feature address Friday June 9. He traced the relationship with Julius Williams, WE FM’s Managing Director.{{more}}

Callender used as his theme: “Setting goals and creating change.”

His advice was especially directed towards those listeners working on radio and he exhorted them: “In times of greatest despair, we must hold our heads high and move forward.”

Callender outlined: “We must not give in to the thought of failure.” The experienced broadcaster added: “It is going through struggling that makes you a strong person. It is times of despair that make way for triumph.”

If listeners took his message seriously, there ought to be continued improvements at WE FM. He exhorted those present to ask themselves “Why I am here?”

He encouraged his audience to “have a purpose and know what is your purpose.”

Callender stressed the importance of exercise as a daily part of the broadcaster’s itinerary. He advised that such actions helped in breathing and contributed to the on-air performance of the broadcaster. He also urged radio personalities to drink eight glasses of water a day.

Callender underlined the power of the mind and used the occasion to encourage persons to expand themselves.

He outlined that the mind was a powerful faculty and that “more than believing was knowing.” He begged listeners to “make it a daily effort to advance at what you are doing.”

Callender noted that words “written have power,” and that “spoken word have tremendous power.”

He also stressed the importance of attitude. The Barbadian-born radio Consultant emphasized that bad attitude had been the downfall of many a would-be successful person.